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The Sanctuary:
Where broken hearts go

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"There is something to be said about the heart when it is cracked open by grief, it spills forth love that covers all in it’s wake.
The tears of the broken heart salt the land and everything carries the taste of sorrow.
The sorrow of love to be acknowledged, remembered and celebrated for the gift it was, is and will be.
-Ivana Ayala-Esslinger, Ed, S, LMHC

The Sanctuary?

An intimate gathering for an individual, couple, family or friends where you experience a therapeutic journey in a safe and sacred container.

What does that mean? 

For all of time humans have held ceremony and rituals as part of their way of living. Many times we think of religion, spirituality and death, however we hold ceremony and perform rituals through birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, baby showers and the like. We do these things to honor and celebrate life. They give us structure and focus on making something valuable enough to hold our attention and create a space for it. We then invite the people we love.

Imagine if we did this for broken hearts. We made our sorrow valuable enough to hold our attention, create a space for it and then the ones we love join us as our pain is acknowledged, honored and healed.


These are a multi-hour private event that allow for deeper connection and healing of the intimate relationships participating. As an individual, seeking a deeper connection to self and movement of thoughts and feelings that may have been blocked and impeding growth in traditional therapy.


You will experience intention setting, movement, yoga nidra, journaling, verbal processing and creative art.


You will be guided to grieve, honor and celebrate the past, present and future.


All forms of grief and loss are welcome:




Illness and Disability 

Grief over the state of the earth 

Grief over what will never be or what could have been 

Broken heart.


What would you like to release, allow, flow with or through?


All are perfect!


“My experience at the sanctuary with Ivana leading this very therapeutic journey was nurturing, intentional, safe, and heart-opening. The space Ivana created allowed me to release, grieve, and surrender to the moment of deep healing. I was able to let go of pent up anger I didn’t know I had and at the same time integrate it to become more of me and less of the pain my body and heart was carrying. I especially enjoyed and appreciated the time to verbally process our emotions and experience with full vulnerability while being held, seen, and heard. Thank you Ivana for creating a space where people can heal and become a better version of themselves.”


- Gissell

Whether novice or expert, The Sanctuary is an innovative, immersive experience that welcomes you to come as you are. Come and explore who you are through movement, yoga, journaling, and meaningful reflection. The Sanctuary provides a safe, loving space to connect with all parts of yourself, facilitated by a qualified, licensed therapist. Ivana is a talented and intuitive clinician that beautifully weaves the inter crossings of spirituality, mental health, and somatic practice. I can’t recommend this experience enough.


Kayla Zaffrullah, MSW

Let’s Work Together

828 SW Palm City Rd.

Stuart FL 33455

Tel: 561.203.5377

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Reach out for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss if you are curious. This is tailored to you and your loved ones. They can be faith-based or not. In addition, this service can be offered in celebration of someone and an opportunity for connection and joy. I look forward to offering a place where you come as you are. 

How does it work?

Call for an initial consultation-Free

Schedule your journey-

Select Saturday Mornings

Schedule Pre-Journey Session- 50 min. $125

1-3 people 3 hours- $500

3-6 people-Call for quote.

Space, chocolate, journal and art supplies provided.

Not provided-

Yoga Mat or blanket, water bottle

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