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Concious Consumer

What we put on, in and around us impacts our mind, body and spirit. Being a conscious consumer can be at first overwhelming, however awareness is the first step to the desire to improves one's perspective on health and wellness along with an honest assessment of one's current behavior and its impact on one's ability to care for self and ultimately deepen their love for self. These products are my personal recommendations. I will continue to add products that can be both healing to mind, body, and soul, align with cleaner living and support my business. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this and please know I do make a profit from each purchase. 


Clean Beauty and skincare from a local Florida company. Toxin free, environmentally friendly and made with love. 


Earthley provides a number of herbal tinctures, vitamins and minerals along with home care.  

First time purchase use code CHOOSENATURAL for 10% off. 

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Essential Oils can be helpful for many different types of holistic support. They can provide healing as aromatherapy, internal health and topical therapies. They can induce a state of calm and relaxation, along with sleep support and can support the whole family when used as recommended.  

Herbal Oils
Get access to pharmaceutical grade supplements, vitamins, and other products at 20% off. 
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