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Yoga Nidra

At least 5000 years old!

Yoga Nidra or Yoga Sleep/Psychic Sleep is the practice of relaxing the mind and body in order to initiate deep rest, regeneration and mental relaxation in order to become a passive observer of your thoughts and feelings which simply can be called a state of mindfulness in order allow for meditation or listening to what our heart is trying to tell us.

In this state that is so close to sleep, the brain waves mimic deep sleep however, there is conscious awareness at all times. Many people do fall asleep as they learn the practice and become more skilled at awareness and the benefits of allowing for deep rest via Yoga Nidra that has been shown to provide the practitioner of what feels like 4 hours of deep sleep in as little as 20 minutes time.

It is best done in the afternoon as a quick pick me up and is done in the supine or laying down position. Yoga Nidra can be done as a group or individually and does not involve poses as other yoga styles do. Let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can discuss how this can fit into your busy lifestyle. 

"Rest is not for the weak. It is there to remind us that we are worth loving ourselves."

Ivana Ayala-Esslinger, Ed. S, LMHC
828 SW Palm City Rd.
Stuart, FL 34994

Call for group or individual sessions that can be curated to what type of healing experience you are looking for. 

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