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My Services

 I offer you unyielding support and perspective when you need to transcend your inner challenges and rise to your true potential. Take a look at my service and see how we can work together to achieve your health and wellness goals.


Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

I work with ages 10 to 110 on life events such as death, abrupt relocations/loss, and the occasional life side-swipe.

Depression and Anxiety related to Chronic illness, work, stress and/or feelings of low self-worth that impacts one's ability to engage successfully in any one of the 8 dimensions of wellness. I am integrative in my approach using traditional and holistic modalities of psychotherapeutic healing for the mind, body and spirit. 


Yoga Nidra and Group/Individual Wellness

Yoga Nidra (Sleep) is an ancient form of practice used to rest the senses, the subconscious mind and the body while maintaining awareness.

30 minutes of practice can result in feeling as though you have slept for 4 hours deeply. Leaving the body and mind reenergized and relaxed in preparation for meditation or to continue with your busy day. 

Yoga Nidra is preferably done in the afternoon as a quick pick me up. It is non-medicinal and requires no movement and is to be done laying down in supine position. 


Relationship building for couples

For Dating, Engaged and Married couples wishing to build on their relationship skills or meet marital preparation criteria, I offer a researched based assessment with activities for social engagement and inquiry. 

Prepare and Enrich is a research based program used which involves a couples assessment that provides strength and growth areas. The couple can engage in activities to strengthen their relationship in as little as four sessions. Specific religious based options are available. 

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